While real unemployment remain high, wages stagnate and the economy grows at a meager 2% –despite massive Fed stimulus – the Dow continues edging up to record levels.

In his latest book, Economist Harry Dent reveals what’s behind this “Grand Disconnect”...why the market will inevitably crash during 2015...and what you can do right now to prepare for the chaos about to unfold.

Dear Reader,

Sitting right in front of us is the fattest financial bubble that’s ever existed.

Bill Gross, owner of Pimco, calls it a “credit supernova” primed to explode.

When a pin hits that bubble, we’ll experience fallout like we’ve never seen before...

The global economy will plunge into a long depression.

And this is all very likely to unfold sometime in 2015.

That’s the controversial (and urgent) forecast from Harry Dent’s latest book The Demographic Cliff.

Harry is an Economist, Harvard MBA, best-selling author of five books and former Fortune 100 consultant at Bain & Company.

You may know him from any one of his many appearances on CNBC, Fox News and Bloomberg.

He has received national attention for accurately predicting every major trend including the Japanese depression of the 1990’s...the greatest bull market run in history... the Tech Wreck of 2000...the 2000’s real estate bubble...and the market crash of 2008.

And over the past 35 years, he has helped his readers, subscribers and clients position themselves to profit from boom times and avoid losses through downturns.

Mind you, this is not by throwing darts at a board...

Harry claims no special powers... but he is a student of bubbles and has developed proven indicators for when bubbles are forming, when they are likely to peak, and when they’re due to burst – along with a clear set of actionable strategies to protect yourself from the fallout.

He uses his in-depth research on how major historic and demographic trends affect macroeconomic cycles in order to forecast booms and busts months, years, even decades in advance.

Harry sees the forest from the trees and does NOT allow emotion or frequent market swings to drive his forecasts.

The Last Time Harry Predicted Something Like This...

Now, you’ll hear some talking heads in the Main Street financial media denounce talk of a bubble...but these are the same set of braniacs who closed their eyes to the real estate bubble throughout the 2000’s.

On the other hand, Harry’s indicator clearly detected a bubble in real estate around late 2005. The media then too wrote him off to the looney bin. But his followers managed to get out and avoid catastrophic losses a year in advance of the downturn. And as you’ll see, the real estate market is not done bursting. Not by a long shot, in fact.

What’s more, Harry’s indicators reveal that the massive stock market bubble will NOT just lose a small portion of its value...but completely reverse any and all gains made since the mid-1990s. And this process will likely start in early 2015.

In his best-seller, The Roaring 2000s Investor, he predicted the real estate bubble would burst by late 2007 and stock market would crash in 2008.

He gave his readers recommendations and actions they could take to position their portfolio for the crisis.

Since then, some of Harry’s readers have written in...

Like Brad, who owned a chain of 38 dry-cleaners right before the 2008 crisis. He was worried whether he should stay in business. After reading tons of financial books, he came across The Roaring 2000s Investor and decided to close out just in the nick of time. He was able to cash out on his business with enough money to retire. In 2009, he wrote us:

“Had I not taken Harry’s advice I would have been shooting in the dark. I would never have gotten out in time. So if you see Harry give him this message. He changed my life and got me out in time. For that I will be forever grateful. Thanks Harry!”

And then there’s James Floyd, who began selling off his real estate in Florida and Ohio eighteen months before the market bottomed out. He wrote us:

“These decisions have been critical in saving millions of dollars both personally and corporately. Additionally, my business has expanded dramatically into the senior and baby boomer health care market due to the demographic research provided by the Dent group.”

Or Mike Rokowski, Managing Partner of Capital Envoy Management, who told us:

“I have been an avid reader of Harry Dent’s books and newsletter for many years. That investment has turned out to be worth millions. His predictions led me to sell some real estate holdings in 2006 for significant profit and be disciplined enough not to acquire any new properties for almost two years.”

These are just some of the dozens of notes we receive on a daily basis from Harry’s grateful followers.

And strategies in Harry’s new book could help you avoid similar losses, or profit from new emerging opportunities, during the imminent market crash of 2015.

 “The Coming Deflationary Shock”

In The Demographic Cliff, Harry proves with irrefutable research that the Dow will fall to around 5,500 - 6,000 by early 2017...and then bottom as low as 3,300 by early 2020.

Here are some things Harry expects to unfold by early 2017:

  • Interest rates soaring to 4-year highs...strangling the economy in its sleep. (see page 195 for areas to avoid)
  • Stocks plummeting 65% (see page 247 for 10 sectors that are primed to boom...because of the sour economy)
  • The real estate market losing 35% to 40% of its value – The housing bubble is NOT finished bursting...and the real estate crash will return with a vengeance, driving down home prices for years to come. (see page 80 for which types of real estate you should keep for the long-haul and which you should dump immediately)
  • Gold plunging to $700 in the next few years and ultimately as low as $250... ignore talk of hyperinflation and gold $5,000 – the yellow metal is going down hard! (see page 227 for the REAL safe-haven investment. Note: It’s almost guaranteed to shock you.)
  • And oil falling to between $20 and $30 a barrel in the next few years. (see page 186)

You see, despite all the brain-dead speculation about Fed QE triggering hyperinflation – we are right on the edge of a deflationary downturn (not inflation). Think about it: with trillions in money-printing, inflation has remained muted since 2008.

Fact is, QE has driven up financial assets far more htan it has fueled inflation.

Shocking as it may sound, the Fed’s paper-printing policy is actually deflationary!

As Economist A. Gary Shilling says, Of the seven varieties of deflation, five are already at work in the U.S. economy.”

In a recent article, CLSA's prescient analyst, Russell Napier, says: "We are on the eve of a deflationary shock which will likely reduce equity valuations from very high to very low levels"

In the next few months Harry expects the world to experience a "deflationary shock" that will send raw materials, manufactured goods, real estate and stocks plunging again.

Millions of unsuspecting investors will be slaughtered from this severe fallout, and it will be far worse than the last crisis...

 “The Grand Disconnect”

In the Demographic Cliff, Harry lifts up the curtain on the so-called “economic recovery”.

He exposes the entire stock bull market as a façade driven by record-high corporate share buybacks and record low interest rates – all artificially created by the Fed.

And he shows why the Dow’s record high, in no shape or form, resembles a real recovery.

According to a recent Washington Post article:

"This is what U.S. multinationals do now with their cash. Rather than tout big new investments, raise worker wages or hire more employees, companies are more likely to set aside funds to reward shareholders."

"The 30 companies listed on the Dow Jones industrial average authorized $211 billion in buybacks in 2013, helping to lift the benchmark stock index to heights not seen since the tech boom of the late 1990s."

"Ultimately, analysts say, when companies spend money on buybacks rather than investment, they’re signaling low hopes for economic growth."

In other words, the soaring Dow is actually a sign of how weak the "economic recovery" truly is!

Companies are NOT investing, raising wages or hiring…

And that's because our economy is fundamentally unsound...deflationary pressure on wages is driving down demand....and we are still feeling the effects off the ’08 crash.

Instead corporations are taking advantage of the surge of liquidity the Fed pumped into the financial markets to buy back their own stocks and juice the price.

Of course, none of this leads to more demand for funds, a stronger credit expansion, more hiring, or a sustainable recovery.

All it does is goose share prices paving the way to bigger end-of-year bonuses... and the next great crash and bubble burst.

But once the Fed loses its handle on interest rates – and this is already happening – the entire Ponzi scheme will begin to unravel. The flimsy house of cards will tumble on itself and bring millions of investors crashing down with it.

The signs are everywhere if you simply “tune out” the financial media’s noise.

For instance, an article from Reuters showed the rate of share buybacks in 2013 reached a total of $460 billion: “The Highest Since 2007.

Yet are you hearing the warnings from CNBC or the Wall Street Journal?

No, once again they’re encouraging regular investors to ignore the “perma-bears” and “naysayers”...stake their portfolios in the scheme...and ride the Dow to new heights.

It’s 2007 all over again... only stocks are more bubbly and overvalued and the media is partying as investors buy overvalued stocks instead of McMansion’s.

But you see, while all of these clueless economists and pundits exuberate in Dow 17,000...

And toast their champagne glasses like oblivious Titanic passengers...

The global economy is charging full speed ahead towards a cluster of icebergs.

The trigger to this historic collapse could come from anywhere: whether it’s China’s massive bubble bursting or the inevitable collapse of Germany in the faltering eurozone.

So what exactly will drive the global economy over the tipping point?

“The Real Fiscal Cliff”

There’s one thing that virtually guarantees the market crash of 2015 is inevitable.

It’s a force that’s responsible for all booms AND busts...for inflation AND deflation...for all technological innovations and breakthroughs...

Needless to say, it’s the most powerful force in capitalism...and knowing how it works allows you to see the “Big Picture” – instead of simply reacting to the frequent swings of the Dow like the mob of investors.

This power is not the government, the Fed or any other “market anomaly”.

In fact, Obama, Bernanke and Yellen are powerless to stop it.

I’m talking about the spending power of everyday people like you and me.

And just as the peak spending power of the Baby Boom generation drove the greatest bull market run in financial history...so the aging of the baby boomers is placing massive downward pressure on the economy. Dent shows how the more affluent boomers are finally set to go off the demographic cliff in 2015 like the everyday household did in 2008.

For the first time in 500 years the new generation is significantly less powerful than the retiring Baby Boomer generation in almost all developed countries. And we’re already seeing the global effects of a less powerful generation replacing a large powerful one in the European debt crisis... the 2008 market crash...and earlier in the Japanese depression of the 1990s.

Economist Tyler Cowen calls this demographic shift “The Real Fiscal Cliff”.

This historic demographic transition is straining the entire global economy to the brink...and all it will take is one final nudge to push it over the edge.

So what steps can everyday investors, homeowners and business owners take to position themselves right now?

And what investments, sectors and currencies will thrive even as the headwinds shatter the global economy?

That’s just some of what Harry answers in what may be the most important financial book you'll read this year.

How to Prepare Now for the Coming Crisis

In The Demographic Cliff, he reveals the industries and sectors primed to soar even as the economy tanks... safe-haven investments you would never expect... and simple actions you can implement today to ensure your current, and ongoing, financial security.

Whether you own a business, a 401k, or a home, Harry’s insights will help your position yourself for all of the market upheaval set to unfold in 2015.

If you own gold or any other commodity in your portfolio, you’ll discover urgent recommendations like:

  • 3 common myths about the U.S. dollar…and the severe impact they could have on your portfolio in the months ahead. Myth #1: Governments are purposely debasing our currencies and eroding our purchasing power. (see page 221-223)
  • Why you should sell any physical gold, silver or any other hard assets you may own by mid-2014. Gold is acting like it should right now. When there’s deflation – and a strengthening currency – gold and silver prices will fall along with most other assets. (see page 184-185)
  • Why you should sell any non-personal or non-strategic real estate by early 2015! But there’s a very good chance you’ll be able to re-purchase the same (or even better) property at a substantial discount in the years ahead.
  • Beware! Read this before building or buying a rental property. Why this overhyped (and overcrowded) market could flush your entire bankroll. (pg. 97)

But while there are plenty of financial deathtraps to avoid during the coming Greater Depression...there are even greater opportunities to build a legacy of wealth – even as most people struggle for financial survival.

Opportunities such as...

  • How to maximize cash flow from housing – even as real estate values plummet by another 35% to 40% (See page 88)
  • The top 10 sectors that will soar from aging baby boomers for the next decade... (see page 247)
  • Why the dollar is the #1 safe-haven “investment” right now. As strange as it may sound and contrary to what you have heard, the U.S. dollar is the very best currency to own and will be during the years ahead.
  • When you should start building or buying commercial property again...and when this market will bottom out during the next real estate crash, creating the ultimate buying opportunity. (See page 80)
  • Where it IS safer to buy real estate right now... the real estate bubble never got extreme in these areas. (pg. 214).

Spend one morning with this book and you’ll see exactly why I say it’s a “financial survival guide for the years ahead.” You can use it as a reference guide for positioning your portfolio through the coming months, years and even decade.

It’s written in non-academic laymen’s terms. Even though Harry is a Harvard MBA and consultant for Fortune 100 corporations, he believes in making his writing as simple as possible for readers.

Inside you’ll learn how to safeguard your portfolio from plunging stocks, bonds, currencies and commodities.

You’ll know the handful of bonds and currencies that will actually perform well against the rest.

You’ll know the trajectory of the global economy and how it will directly affect your own finances...

You’ll know which sectors will soar for the next decade...

And you’ll discover strategies for growing or starting a small business during the volatile Winter economic Winter Season ahead...

This way you’ll feel confident that you can safeguard your family and finances for the next decade – even as others around your fail and go bankrupt by listening to CNBC talking heads.

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