Cycle 9 Alert

Using a proprietary strategy and system, Adam O’Dell tracks the movements of nine sectors as they rotate in and out of favor. Because of this, until at least 2020, traditional investment strategies simply won’t work. Of course, we recommend that folks consider keeping out of traditional “buy-and-hold” investments opportunities, like gold and real estate. And with deflation set to hit within the next few years keeping some wealth in cash is a good idea too. But we also realize some of our subscribers may want to learn how to make money now and can’t afford to wait 7-10 years until the “Winter Season Shakeout” ends. Well, that’s exactly why Harry asked Adam O’Dell to join the Boom & Bust team and show readers why what he likes to call “kinetic cycles” are so crucial to your economic future… Here is what you’ll receive with Adam O’Dell’s Cycle 9 Alert:
  • The Strategy Report: The Secrets to 90 Day Profits with CYCLE 9 Alert - A special briefing that details how Adam uses recommendations on certain opportunities his system identifies, like the 113% gains he saw during the beta-test phase. You’ll discover why his style of trading can work so well in volatile markets.
  • CYCLE 9 Trade Alerts - You will receive an average of 2-3 recommendations each month. With each buy alert you’ll get specific ideal entry points and simple steps you can use to execute each play.
  • CYCLE 9 Urgent Sell Alerts- The minute Adam’s system "tells" him it’s time to take gains, he’ll rush you an instant Sell Alert with precise details on when it’s an ideal time to exit the trade.
  • The CYCLE 9 Alert weekly Update – Each week Adam reviews open positions in the CYCLE-9 model portfolio. He will also update you on financial events and trends so you can be ready to lock-in gains.
  • The CYCLE 9 Alert Concierge Service - Membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service where you can call or email the CYCLE-9 Alert member support team directly.
  • 24/7 Access to the CYCLE 9 Alert Members – Only Website– Any time, day or night you can access our password-protected website where you’ll find every investment recommendation, weekly updates and all the alerts, along with Adam’s track record with all the open positions in the model portfolio.

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