Cycle 9 Alert

Using his industry-beating algorithm, Adam O’Dell tracks the movements of nine key economic sectors as they rotate in and out of favor. He then leverages that information to predict short-term stock movements with a startling degree of accuracy.

This is the system he uses to beat the market. But Cycle 9 Alert is more than just a successful trading service. In today’s uncertain and highly-volatile market environment, it is an essential tool for profitable investing.

As America lumbers through the final stages of a government-driven economic bubble, traditional investment strategies no longer apply. And they won’t start working again until this artificially-prolonged bubble finally bursts.

But for people who want to start generating profits before the “Winter Season Shakeout” ends in seven to 10 years, there is a solution.

Several years ago, Harry and Rodney asked Adam to join the Boom & Bust team, so he could show readers why the “kinetic cycles” he’s discovered are so crucial to your economic future. Essentially, he’s figured out a way to turn the current market volatility to his investing advantage by leveraging the tremendous power of short-term cycles.

The result is a unique trading strategy that is perfectly suited for today’s choppy market environment.

Here is what you’ll receive with Adam’s Cycle 9 Alert advisory…

  • Cycle 9 Alert weekly updates — Every Tuesday, Adam reviews the open positions in your Cycle 9 model portfolio. He also updates you on financial events and trends, so you can see the market the way he does.
  • Cycle 9 buy alerts — You will receive an average of two to three recommendations per month. With each buy alert, you’ll get specific ideal entry points and simple steps you can use to execute each play.
  • Cycle 9 sell alerts — Whenever Adam’s system indicates that it’s time to take gains, he’ll rush you a sell alert with precise details for exiting the trade.
  • Cycle 9 Risk Equalizer — An important explanation of how to balance risk in your portfolio, complete with an interactive Position Sizing Worksheet designed to help you determine how much capital to allocate to each trade.
  • The Strategy Report: The Secrets to 90-Day Profits with Cycle 9 Alert— A special briefing that details exactly how Adam’s successful strategy works and why his style of trading performs so well in volatile markets.
  • The Profitable Impact of Seasonal Clusters — A special report created to help explain how seasonality affects each of the nine sectors included in the Cycle 9 strategy and, more importantly, how to profit from it.
  • Cycle 9 Alert concierge service — Membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service that allows you to call or email the Cycle 9 Alert member support team directly.